Corona Beach Commercials (the trilogy)

by Corona Beach on April 7, 2011

So everyone knows the typical Corona commercial, right… the nice beach, awesome sunny day, the bucket of Coronas in the sand or on the table and the sound of the waves.

Makes you want to “Be There, drinking a Corona”.

So these 3 commercial tell a  story:
first you have the typical guy story, with spouse and he checks out the hottie walking by:

okay, so NOW the women checks out the guy walking by, but the girl still gets the last laugh:


The guy knows he did wrong and squirts himself


okay, one more… lets not forgot this one: 2 girls.
Side note: I will admit, we did the same trick while in Minneapolis, we were at a park and met 2 foreign exchange students. They were laying out, looking phenomenal in their bikinis, so we throw the football at them and introduced ourselves. I got to say… it works!


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john April 7, 2011 at 5:46 pm

Just awesome… but really, REALLY … the guy needs to ditch that women! Even though you can’t see her that good, she looks MEAN.


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